Alright, BioWare. It’s Time To Figure Out How To Animate A Person

Is the animation in BioWare games actually getting WORSE?

I just watched some footage of Dragon Age: Origins, and I am literally embarrassed by how horrible the animation is in dialogue sequences.

Yes, BioWare, we’re all acutely Bio-aware of just how much dialogue (like 9 novels!!!) there is in your latest opus, but when your reams of prose are delivered by the same glassy-eyed, always-standing-ramrod-straight clone army of characters…let’s just say that some of the magic is lost.


And what impressive voice acting! Truly, Dragon Age: Grey Wardens of the Old Republic upholds the high standards you’ve set with your early games. Unfortunately, the characters’ three standard “I Am Conversing ” gestures haven’t changed much since then, either. A character slowly turning their head to the side and moving their hands up and down while their eyes maintain LASER FOCUS on a point 100 miles behind the person they’re talking to does not a convincing conversation make.

And I’m not sure which genius(es) decided that the whole blood-on-your-character’s-face-during-a-cutscene thing was a good idea, but I sure hope they get the recognition they deserve for making these sequences even more preposterous. Nobody in “dark fantasy” (hahaha, seriously?) has time to wipe their faces after a battle, I guess. Maybe that can be a fourth conversation animation for BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect 2: Spectres of the Old Republic 2.


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2 Responses to Alright, BioWare. It’s Time To Figure Out How To Animate A Person

  1. LMTR14 says:

    I’ve quit that game recently after like half of the storyline. it has an atrocious abundance of flaws, many minor on their own, but together keeping the game from being fun to play

    but graphics or the tiny tiny thing you mentioned weren’t one of them. complete nitpicking

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