FMV: The Solution To Everything

In news related to my last post: in-game cutscenes suck these days, huh?

Be honest: how many times have you been playing some graphically impressive action game where you’re running around blowing shit up in some beautifully rendered world with all kinds of insane particle effects and hundreds of onscreen models…

…and then a cutscene comes on and it zooms in on those same models who now look silly up close. They mime their little scene with blocky, unmoving hands and lazy lip-synching. Does that look good? If you need examples, go play Dead Rising, Assassin’s Creed 2 or any licensed superhero game.

Sorry, I don’t want to see some sub-Garry’s Mod animation with the character models from the gameplay, dammit. Pre-render some shit. Or better yet, how about some FMV?

Here’s a pop quiz, hotshot. Which Kyle Katarn looks cooler?


Clue: It’s the one from 1997.

Bonus: the coolest picture ever.


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3 Responses to FMV: The Solution To Everything

  1. You can thank MGS as the slayer of FMV. You want an FMV fix? Load up Fox Hunt for the PS1. I think it’s 5 discs long, though. Either that or Psychic Detective. Good stuff. Ya know, ya might as well dl a SEGACD emu and just go to town.

  2. Yeah, I need to get one just so I can play Snatcher if nothing else.

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