Yesterday, the fine gentlemen of Penny Arcade wrote about how some gamers are apparently beside themselves over the fact that Mass Effect 2 comes on 2 discs, and some point in the game you have to–brace yourselves–swap one out for the other. Maybe more than once! 

IGN (not linking to those clowns, thank you) took the time out of their busy schedule of making their page layout even more incomprehensible to post the disc swapping controversy in a news bulletin. The ensuing discussion on their message boards currently contains over 800 posts of back and forth because you NEED TO CHANGE DISCS TWICE.

Within, many of the knuckle-dragging idiots crying foul brag that their theoretical PS3 version wouldn’t make you compromise your life so unthinkably, and they threaten to buy the PC version instead so they can install it and live a carefree, wonderful life where they never have to sit forward and press the eject key on their 360 EVER AGAIN.

But, here’s a quandary for you, Sherlock: How long does it take to install a game on a PC or PS3? Ok…now how long does it take to WALK 5 FEET AND SWAP A DISC? But maybe it’s the effort of getting up that is the issue, not the time lost. I guess you don’t have to get up to install something. You got me there.

I actually reached the first of these two dolorous moments last night. I accepted a mission and got a little chill of excitement when the “Please Insert Disc 2” prompt popped up. It meant I was getting somewhere…

…but after that wore off I guess I DID briefly consider slashing my wrists and/or writing some angry post here because of how much of an inconcievable hassle it was. Of course, I would’ve had to get up to do either of those things, too, so I was shit out of luck.

Today, I am reminded of one of the foremost reasons Why Modern Video Games Suck: the complete dumbfucks who play them. Oh, and IGN.


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One Response to Seriously?

  1. Hahaha! Righteous, brother. Fucking brats these days have it too good.

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