Reboots Are Stupid

Here’s one of the more asinine trends in games today: making a sequel or reboot of a well known franchise and just naming it the original game’s name again, with no number or subtitle or anything.

It’s like we’re supposed to be so blown away by the very concept of a next-gen version of these classic games that we can just forget altogether that the old ones existed. THIS is the REAL Wolfenstien, people. Also, naming your game like this makes it hard to categorize it in a list, leaving Wikipedia mavens (and the like) no choice but to keep calling it stupid shit like “Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)” or “Bionic Commando (The Absolutely Retarded One)“.

I’d also like to point out that in some wild coincidence, the vast majority of these games are practically unplayable garbage. And not just compared to the nostalgia-goggle-tinted original ones either–these are all pretty objectively a C-minus on their best day.

And the most horrible thing about this, of course, is that there are a bunch of kids out there right now who are playing this tripe and thinking it’s some great original thing. They’ll form a nostalgic attachment to it because it’s one of the only games they had or something, and someday they’ll refer to it as THE FIRST Prince of Persia game or something equally horrible.

Coming Soon (undoubtedly):

Mega Man (2012)
Grand Theft Auto (2011)
Resident Evil (2012)



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One Response to Reboots Are Stupid

  1. Prince of Persia has got to be the worst offender of the bunch.

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