Urgent Press Release From Sony: “DERP”

Oh hey, it looks like Sony is finally starting to gain some momentum in this console generation. Got some solid original titles under their belt, prices are more reasonable, and wh–

…oh wow…that’s…wow.

Y’know, it’s gotten to the point where my sheer disbelief at Sony’s missteps is starting to wrap around into some weird kind of respect for just how shameless they are. I mean, it takes some serious stones to straight-facedly present this to the gaming public and expect us all to just eat it up. I only wish that Krazy Ken Kutaragi was still around to talk about how great it is in terms of dimensions and celestial bodies and so forth.

Looks like a frickin’ Chinese pirate knock-off for God’s sake. Sony’s brand new Pretendo Vii.


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One Response to Urgent Press Release From Sony: “DERP”

  1. 4D at it’s finest.

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