Old School Selections


Games I’m currently playing that are way better than any of the crap that’s come out this generation:

Command & Conquer – PC, 1995

A true classic and pioneer of its genre, as I’m sure you know. Also makes great use of FMV, which is one of my favorite old school features.

RollerCoaster Tycoon – PC, 1999

A standout sim game. The customizability of everything from the color of the individual cars on a coaster to the names of all your guests STILL blows me away. I feel like I could just keep playing this an hour a day forever.

Stuntman – PS2, 2002

This game is a real bitch, reminding me fondly of how hard real games used to be. Tough but ultimately FAIR, which is the most important part. To make these movies, you’ve gotta be on your game 100% of the time…like I imagine a real stunt performer has to be. Innovative, overlooked gem. Sequel was a rare next-gen entry that actually IMPROVED from the previous generation.


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One Response to Old School Selections

  1. I have a few recommendations for you guys to play on Super Saiyan Saturday.

    1. Panzer Dragoon Saga – One of the best RPG’s ever. I have a real copy if you want to play it.

    2. Mr. Bones – One of the coolest and most unique 32 bit games.

    3. Dragon Force – This game will eat up alot of your time. 8 different playthroughs. Pretty fucking sweet.

    All Saturn games. I really didn’t set out to do that. Oh, and Have Kevin play the Shenmues. I’ll think of some more later.

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