Spider-Man: Arkham Asylum


Shamelessness or parody?


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4 Responses to Spider-Man: Arkham Asylum

  1. chargedblast says:

    i love how Noir is such a trendy term/concept these days. I can almost guarantee just by the word Noir being used in this game that it will suck.

    • Before the term “Film Noir” came about, many of the classic film noirs were referred to as “Melodramas”. Let that seep in a bit, Blastoise. All the emo-kids are getting their panties wet just watching this trailer. It’ll sell 8 million copies. This game is some fucking straight up shameless horsecockery.

      2 more worlds to reveal? I’m guessing a Gears of Spiderman world and a Wii Fit world. Might as well rip off Wii Fit, that fucker sold 20 some odd million copies. Hey, Activision, where’s Spiderman: Modern Warfare? How about some fucking Super Spiderman Galaxy and Spiderman Kart. YAY. Dick dribblers.

      New EA indeed.

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