So, I thought I’d write something here about how much better Deadly Premonition is than Heavy Rain given that they both came out on the same day and have similar premises, but one is an incredible work of genius by a true auteur and the other is one of the most pretentious, self-important, overrated and underachieving games ever released.

Then I saw that someone had already taken care of that for me.

In any event, I’ll be writing about Deadly Premonition here at some point, probably after I finish my 100% playthrough I just started.


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2 Responses to F….K….IN the COFFEE

  1. chargedblast says:

    if deadly prem is even 1/4 of what you and abow told me and what that article you linked to (which i read…sounds amazing) then it’s a must play. so i guess i don’t have a choice then

  2. It’s life-changing. You really shouldn’t read any more about it before you play it. It’s such an experience.

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