Some Angry Ranting

Does every game really need “moral choices”? And multiple endings? How about “freedom” in games? I can’t say that I really understand why, but these things are all apparently MANDATORY for anyone making a game in this generation, and I’m getting pretty sick of it.

I enjoy “freedom” in games too. For instance, I’m playing Red Dead Redemption these days, and I’ve found myself completely avoiding the story missions to wander around the countryside and explore (It doesn’t help that the story in RDR is boring as hell, but whatever). This is what I think of as “freedom” in this context. Not being able to take two separate (but otherwise indifferent) hallways to go to my objective in an FPS. Not sacrificing a story for some meaningless and completely transparent “pet the puppy/kill the puppy’s family” moral choices.

“Moral choices”. God, am I sick of hearing that.

Anyway, my point is this: do you know what you get when you shoehorn in diametrically opposed character choices, do-it-yourself level design, and explore-the-plot-at-your-own-pace gameplay? SHITTY FUCKING GAME STORIES.

Sometimes, just sometimes, people writing fiction know better than you, the person reading it. I play Half-Life and I TRUST in the PEOPLE WHO DESIGNED IT that they can create a better experience than I can. I don’t COMPLAIN that…oh, wahhh, it’s too linear, it’s too much like a rollercoaster ride, I want FREEEEDDOOOMMMM. I say, ok, these people have a meaningful story to convey and allow me to interact in. LET’S GO.

But, I guess I should go play fucking BIOSHOCK. Oh, we don’t want to impose the plot on the player with too many scripted events. Let’s have AUDIO TAPES laying around that the player can find and listen to at their own pace. Because that’s immersive and realistic. Oh, and let’s give them some stupidly binary choice that changes the no-dialogue 30 second ending movie we tack on by a little bit, I’m sure that’ll be satisfying.

Just MAKE A GAME. WITH A STORY. I don’t need to impose my own stupid ideas on it. YOU KNOW BETTER.


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3 Responses to Some Angry Ranting

  1. BAMSAUCE. Preach it brother!

  2. chargedblast says:

    I had a moral intersection that I had to navigate today. The choices were get up and go to work or go back to sleep and skip it. Tough, I know. It was almost like I was playing a video game !

  3. Mikael says:

    Hi, I like your writings very much and agree with you pretty much about anything. However, I wonder if you’ve ever played System Shock 2?

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