Molyneux’s “Milo” isn’t even a goddamn game

lol i troll u

As reported by 1Up this morning, that stupid pederast simulator for the Kinect that Peter Molyneux has been crowing about for a year now will not see a release because it’s not a fucking game.

Well that’s wonderful, guys, thank you. You’ve proven that–if you felt like it–you could make a really pointless virtual pet game with less charm than one of Seaman‘s fins…but you don’t feel like it.

I’d like to know how you figure that this is anything but a waste of our, your and gaming journalism’s time, Mr. Molyneux. Oh, and we probably shouldn’t be holding our breath for that Wired cover either, huh?


Aaaaand now they’ve gone back on that. Good to know that everyone at Lionhead talks straight out of their ass, not just Molyneux. Get it together, guys.


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2 Responses to Molyneux’s “Milo” isn’t even a goddamn game

  1. chargedblast says:

    i don’t know about you but I’m pretty psyched to have a virtual friend that has a virtual memory of me for a WHOLE 48 HOURS TOTAL. oh yeah did you see that thing about kinect only supporting 2 players at once too? wow guys. wow

  2. Charles says:

    Cant stand Molyneux..

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