Goddamnit so much

I’m in the process of writing a nice, lengthy blog post with a lot of pictures, and BOY would I like to have it done already for ya. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that the WordPress writing interface is one of the most unbelievably asinine fucking applications I’ve ever had to use, and I spend about half the time of making a post GRAPPLING with its bullshit.

Yes, WordPress, I do expect to put a motherfucking blank line in my post when I press enter twice and make one in the editor. Why would you ignore it in the finished product? And when I insert a picture into my post, do you think it’d be too much trouble to give me some sort of idea where it’s actually going to end up so that I don’t have to keep previewing and opening a new window to adjust it OVER and fucking OVER?

For instance: see how close the first words of this post are to the little orange calendar and the other stuff at the header? See how ugly and unprofessional that looks? Well if I go into the editor and make a blank line there to give my text a margin it WILL NOT FUCKING BE THERE when I save the changes, nor will it be there upon editing again. THANKS.

I guess I didn’t realize that you needed a goddamn degree in web development to write a little thing and put some pictures in it.


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