The Kinect, by Microsoft.

It can’t handle more than 2 players at a time.

It can’t run on an old 360 without a separate adapter.

It can’t see you if you’re sitting down.

It can’t differentiate between your fingers.

It can’t work in anything but a large room.

And it sure as shit can’t work right during official demonstrations.

So what exactly can it do? Besides not play the not game that Peter Molyneux is not making and that is not coming out? Not much, it seems.

So if you think the Kinect is the coolest thing in the world, here’s a protip for you: go buy a fucking PS2, an EyeToy, and every game they made for it. I bet that would run you less. Oh, and the camera would have twice the resolution (EyeToy is 640×480, Kinect is 320×240).

Looking forward to watching this thing go down like the Hindenburg.


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6 Responses to Pathetic

  1. Righteous, comic, man!

    I didn’t realize it was so low-res. Well, as it stands, I’m buying one the day Children Of Eden comes out. I just gotta. It’s looking like that might be the only thing I play on it.

    • Can’t take credit for the picture. That’s 4chan all the way.

      And good luck playing a shooter by WAVING YOUR HANDS AT THE SCREEN. We’ll see how well that works out for ya. Can you imagine playing Rez with your Eyetoy?

  2. I know, but damnit, I gotta try! There’s no other option, really. Man, they could release it on the Odyssey and I’d still buy that shit.

  3. Well, it says that you can just play it with a regular controller too…save yourself $150 bucks.

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