Dear Microsoft: Eat Me.

You’ve all heard of the Xbox Live price hike.

I understand that gaming is a business. I know that the execs aren’t execs because they advocate for gamers and watch out for them, constantly safeguarding them from being screwed. I know that’s not their job. I’m not stupid.

Having said that, Microsoft’s crap makes me sick. It’s like they’re intent on proving that they are, in fact, the greediest fucks on the planet. Nintendo takes a lot of crap for being shrewd and protective, and Sony likewise for being out-of-touch, but shit, they don’t even approach this kind of money grubbing.

Can anyone else think of another instance of a blatant and straight-faced increase in price of an already expensive existing service? I think it’s pretty incredible. Is Nintendo gonna come out tomorrow and be like “You know what? The Wii is pretty successful and we think it’s a pretty good system. We’re jacking the price up $50. Peace.”

Fuck them.


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3 Responses to Dear Microsoft: Eat Me.

  1. Just in time for their family plan! I’m likely not renewing Live ever again. I got a PS3, I’ll just game online with that. Besides, I’m more a single-player guy nowadays.

  2. If you can live without Facebook, Twitter, Last FM, and Netflix, you’ll be alright without it. Oh… and online COD 14, or whatever the most popular FPS happens to be at the moment.

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