Capcom’s smug, smart-ass response to “DmC” controversy

Dante's controversial redesign

Capcom’s Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Christian Svensson, to IGN, reported on

“I will argue that any changes will bring about a knee-jerk reaction from fans. We know that; we knew that going into it. To be fair, I think some of the strategy here was to create that discussion and dialogue, and I think it drastically raises the visibility of the title versus if we had just done another Dante.”

Well, thank you. So this means one of two things:

A) Capcom didn’t have any faith in their new Devil May Cry and decided they’d rather manipulate their fans than, I dunno, make a good game and promote it well


B) This guy is full of shit and they needed to put a “positive” spin on the fact that their new game is the laughing stock of the industry

Well, we’ll see how well this brilliant “strategy” works out for you clowns when nobody buys your bullshit anymore.


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2 Responses to Capcom’s smug, smart-ass response to “DmC” controversy

  1. E says:

    These are very dark times… Kinect, iPhone-gaming, Facebook Games… ‘pre-order the game and get a special weapon download!” Gay-looking Dante… **Halo movie!**

    Dark times indeed.

  2. We have to take heart in the fact that at least they can’t take the old games away from us…they can just bring them back as shitty HD remakes.

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