I Was Wrong – Batman: Arkham City

NOTE: I’d like to think that, in my life, I do my best to hold myself to pretty high standards of honesty and integrity. In an effort to bring that to my writing here, I’m starting an ongoing (but hopefully not too frequent) series called “I Was Wrong“. Within, I will publicly call myself out for a previous post that ended up being erroneous and/or stupid in light of more recent events. I guess I’ll just write one of these whenever the ‘opportunity’ (more like obligation) arises…and hey! Maybe someday I’ll get to do an “I Was Right” if I call some big news or predict something. Cuz that’ll totally happen. Anyway, here’s the first installment.

The character design is still pretty dumb, though

A while ago, I wrote a brief post complaining about how silly the premise of Batman: Arkham City was and how it was potentially an early sign of how lame the game would be.

Well, it came out last week, and as it turns out, that somewhat laughable plot point (that a section of Gotham is cordoned off and turned into a super-prison) is just about the absolute least important part of what is an excellent, excellent game. 

Yes, this plot is just a (very) thinly veiled excuse to get virtually all of Batman’s rogues gallery together in a small, urban space that would make a good free-roaming environment. Yes, they could have easily thought up a better one (or just cribbed it from the comics). But, in the end, do we want a Batman game with all the villains and a big, open setting? The answer is yes, so we really shouldn’t complain about the small details about how we get there.

Rocksteady, you have my apologies. The game is sick.

MORAL OF THE STORY: There are a lot of things to complain about in modern game design. Very minor story conceits don’t matter when they are in service of creating a decidedly awesome game setting.


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2 Responses to I Was Wrong – Batman: Arkham City

  1. Donncha says:

    Yup, I thought much the same when I heard about the title but after playing it I’m gobsmacked. Unfortunately I only got it 3 days ago and Battlefield 3 came out today (in Ireland/UK, thank you EA for the delay) so I doubt I’ll be playing much of anything else for the foreseeable future.

    Still, that Batman game is amazing. Need more time in the day.

  2. dregj says:

    the laughable premise completely killed the game for me
    stupidly confused laberythian plot ,apauling ending ,even more annoying riddler bullshit i hated from the first one
    its suck arse big time every good bit has been done before better in the arkham asylum
    and all the bad bits are magified x10 the same stupid combat system being the main offender try a jump or a punch in a critical situation and the only thing you can count on is batsy will punch anyone but or leap the wrong way just like arkham asylum,
    oricale is not thier for a while and is replaced by a sarcastic mocking alfred (hope you dont die too much sir)
    then later she come back in to it any way for some reason
    the game is terrible and all the money grabbing dlc stuff only makes it worse
    every single time you try to play the game it reminds you about paying for xboxlive and getting catwoman
    feels like the designers took a dump on the face of every batman fan

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