Ok, Maybe There Are Some Words

So, so awesome

For clarification:

In my naivete, I figured that just posting that trailer yesterday would sufficiently express how well Phoenix Wright: The Movie is turning out, and my subsequent approval thereof. Of course, this was before I made the ill-advised decision to check out some message boards, where I found that–quite ridiculously–there are a fair amount of people out there who think it looks stupid. And not just people who don’t understand/don’t appreciate/have never played an Ace Attorney game (although they’re there, too) but fans of the series who were apparently expecting something more.

Those people, to put it mildly, are dumb.

I am familiar with Takashi Miike about as much as your average gaijin (as in I’ve only seen a couple of his ultra-gory films), but, based on how true this movie looks, I think that it’s high time that I invest in his larger body of work. I don’t know if he’s, like, a super-long-time fan of the games or what, but judging just from what we’ve seen so far, the film could not be more spot on. The characters, staging, costumes, camera angles, and seemingly the plot capture the vibe of the games so well that it’s kind of scary.

But obviously, we have very little to go on so far. When we see the finished product we’ll know for sure but…wow. I think that Joystiq’s headline “The Phoenix Wright movie looks better than we could have hoped” sums it up pretty nicely.

Who wants to fly out to Japan with me for the premiere?


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