My Work, Cut Out for Me

Didn’t play any Resident Evil last night, so I don’t have a whole lot to talk about today…

But, because I know you care deeply about this sort of thing, here’s a picture of my current gaming backlog:

I think I have a problem.


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7 Responses to My Work, Cut Out for Me

  1. Ji-L87 says:

    Whelp, that’s a fair amount to go through. KORG DS-10, though, that’s pretty sweet. Not that I managed to do anything worthwhile with it (seems to work better on those big DSi’s anyhow. What are those things on top of Ocarina of Time?

  2. That’s an original Game Boy game (Donkey Kong ’94) and, embarrassingly, two UMDs in cardboard sleeves. I bought my PSP from a dude on Craigslist, and he got it in a bundle with Little Big Planet and…The (new) Karate Kid movie. Because I am a weirdo, I feel obligated to at least check these things out, despite very little interest in them. The same goes for all of those random Dreamcast sports games in the middle there. Had to buy a used Dreamcast (original one stopped working) and they came with it. Free stuff is good!

  3. You should be able to plow through those in, what, 4-5 days? (And by days I mean years)

    Good luck with that!

  4. Did I just watch a commercial on here? SONOFABITCH! Haha, but seriously, I’m glad to see 999 on there. Twas a goodie. Also, if you’re gonna play Beyond Good and Evil, you should download the HD version and play that. It’s better, and you’re contributing to a possible sequel. Peace Walker should just stay on your backlog … FOREVER. We need to finish Spy fiction one of these days. Would you borrow me your Yakuza games if you’re not planning on taking them on any time soon? Hahaha. I also gave up wishing you’d finish Shenmue 2, so we could talk about it. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

  5. Commercial? I don’t get it.

    Shenmue 2 is in the pile there! And they’re ordered by system, so just because it’s on the bottom doesn’t mean it’s last, haha.

  6. At the bottom of your post was a video, so I clicked on it thinking it was somehow pertinent, but lo and behold it was a commercial, and a demented one at that. I hope you’re getting paid, brother!

  7. cm0use says:

    Eeyikes. Those Persona and Yakuza games are gonna take like half a year by themselves.

    You could just toss Syphon Filter in the trash right now and save yourself a few minutes, tbh.

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