I Was Wrong – Microsoft Kinect

This photograph is the best thing about the Kinect so far

Back when the Kinect was being promoted, I wrote a post about how terrible I thought it looked. I implied that it was a buggy, useless and ultimately insulting product. But, hey! Now the Kinect has been out for a while, and…

…I was wrong about none of these things.

I was, however, wrong when I predicted that it was going to fail spectacularly. It didn’t. Quite the opposite, in fact! It’s sold well over 10 million units at this point, despite having literally two good games (one of which is a sequel to the other).

So, in summation, I apologize for assuming that no one would buy something that has basically no value. I’m an idiot.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Do not overestimate the average consumer’s intelligence.


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One Response to I Was Wrong – Microsoft Kinect

  1. Ji-L87 says:

    I’ve had plenty of chances to try a Kinect but never really felt like it, the lack of tactile feedback being the main reason. I thought the PS Move-thing would sell better but I guess people don’t like to sit down playing.

    Though, I have to give Kinect a little bit of credit for all the cool things people are doing with it – outside of gaming, that is.

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