Resident Evil – Night 2

Look, I can read it, ok?

To recap: Resident Evil whooped my ass on Night 1. I went into the Spencer mansion trying to play by my own rules and quickly got tossed the hell out. Undaunted, (ok, a little bit daunted) I took my lumps and decided to adopt a more holistic, old-school approach to surviving amongst the undead.

As you can by the map above, it’s going pretty well! I’m saving smarter, dodging more zombies and not wasting any bullets on freaking crows. I have found that–much to my surprise–this game is actually all about planning out effective paths from safe points to pertinent rooms or objectives and then executing efficiently. Definitely not the experience that I was expecting, but it’s actually a lot of fun. I also think it lends a good deal of weight to the events of the game in that it is a real effort to just get around; it really does feel like surviving in a hostile environment.

I mentioned in the last post that there aren’t nearly enough bullets to kill all the zombies. Originally, I questioned this design choice but it’s obvious to me now, having played a little ways in, why they did this. The actual game area isn’t all that big and you end up running through the same hallways multiple times. If you just blasted all of the zombies the first time through, every room would be bare for the rest of the game and it would get pretty boring in a hurry. Also, because of this mechanic, you’re forced to be very judicious about which zombies you do kill, and you end up learning the positions of the ones you don’t, developing strategies and best routes by which to avoid them. Fun, fun!

Much better experience on Night 2 overall. I’m not sure how far I am through the game (which I like), but I’ve managed to poison a giant plant and recover two mansion keys (sword and armor). Ooh! And I found the shotgun. Probably gonna save that for a boss or something though. But will I know when I’m about to stumble onto one? Tension!

More soon.


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