Resident Evil – Night 3

Also Starring: Albert WeskHAIR

Shit’s getting real!

This was a pretty productive session, overall. I managed to clear out most of the mansion, pillage all the rooms and defeat a giant snake! Last time, I mentioned that I was afraid of stumbling into a boss fight without my shotgun. Luckily, the snake’s lair was so very clearly a Big Huge Open Boss Room that I was able to back out, go back to a box, get the shotty, and come back and make short work of him. He didn’t die though, just slithered away, leaving behind the moon crest (of course). Perhaps we’ll meet again?

And much to my surprise, this battle also marked the end of my exploration of the mansion. While I’m sure that I’ll be returning at some point (still don’t have the ‘Helmet Key’), I definitely wasn’t expecting the mansion to be what basically amounts to the first stage of the game. Interesting.

Also, somewhat to my surprise, I found myself quite afraid when it came time to leave. Inside the mansion, the rules of the game seemed clear. Zombies, a couple creatures, keys, doors. As I stumbled outside and immediately had to deal with hordes of zombie dogs, I was momentarily crippled with the fear of having no idea what was coming next.

Given its age (and status as genre-pioneer), I was expecting Resident Evil to be fairly simple and formulaic, but all of the sudden the rules that it had been establishing were kind of thrown out the window. The atmosphere of the new courtyard area–creepy, dark, white noise filled–transformed my surprise into a creeping dread. Effective design.

I pressed on, a little tentatively, and quickly realized that I wasn’t really going to be getting comfortable again, as I was in the mansion. In the new areas, the zombies had mostly been replaced with all kinds of aggressive animal mutations. Most of the these new enemies only cropped up once or twice, too, keeping me even more off-balance.

I stopped for the night after running into another boss–a giant, terrifying plant, of all things. Earlier, I had found some comprehensive files detailing its composition, attacks and weaknesses, so I knew it was coming, more or less. Strangely enough, one of these documents provided me with instructions to murder the thing with a complicated combination of poisons–which I then found–but “Chris can’t handle chemicals”, so I guess I’m out of luck there? Do I just fight it? Should I go back and find Rebecca or something? That seems ridiculous. They wouldn’t make me go all the way back to the mansion, and she would’ve just shown up by now if I needed her–like at the piano. Whatever, I guess I’ll just try to shoot it to death.

Big surprises in Night 3, overall. More enemies, more areas and more scares than I was expecting.



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