Resident Evil – Night 4

Well, this game is definitely longer than I thought it would be. I was fully expecting to polish it off tonight, but I’m still in the thick of it, finding new weapons and areas, slowly unraveling the plot. But this is a good thing! It’s not like it’s dragging on. I’m finding (again) that I may have set my expectations for Resident Evil much too low.

I think I’m probably playing a bit more cautiously than your average S.T.A.R.S. member, but as a result I haven’t really died much. I’d guess my playtime is right around average. In any case, I’ve made some good progress…but at the dearest cost.

Noooooo I'm sorry... ;_;

Yeah. I let Rebecca die. My poor little overzealous partner, ripped apart by a mutant monster while I cowered in the next room over. But let’s rewind a bit.

First of all, I killed the big plant. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do anything with the chemicals as Chris, I guess. Just ran around and shot at it while it dripped bird poop (or something) on me. I’m digging the bosses in this game so far. They’re not anything terribly spectacular, but they’re imposing and not too difficult. They all seem to have cool death animations, too–slowly shrinking and dissolving into puddles of black goop.

After slaying Audrey II, I got that Helmet Key I was looking for and returned to the mansion, as expected. Unfortunately, some horrific green monsters followed me back or something, and now the whole house is fucking lousy with them. They jump around and run really fast and OH GOD THERES ONE IN HERE RUNRUNRUN

shit shit shit oh fuck

So they’re all over my SHTICK. Thankfully, they don’t do a whole ton of damage (unless they, y’know decide to do their 1-hit kill decapitation attack), so they can be deked out like any other zombie. Nevertheless, they have made my return to a place I once considered comfortable decidedly not.

Ran into the big snake again! He was all Dino-Damaged from our first battle and pretty pissed off about it. Had to put him down, though. I wonder what enormous mutated animal is next on the docket. I’m sure I won’t have to wait too long to find out.

So, somewhere around this point, I wandered back to the old Rebecca hideout and found her being savagely assaulted by one of my green friends. You need to understand–when I got there, I was in rough shape. I had been making for the save room precisely because I wasn’t in fighting condition. I had only a few handgun bullets and was in orange ‘caution’ health…and I hadn’t saved in a loooong time.

A very difficult choice was before me. I could try to fight it out with this thing in close quarters with a weak weapon, risking everything. I could do that. Or, I could quick duck into the save room, heal up, grab my shotty, bust back out and put Kermit’s ass on blast for real…but would Rebecca survive that crucial few seconds of difference? I mean, she’s lasted this long, right?

It wasn’t really a decision. I didn’t want to repeat that last half hour of skirting past a hundred of those goddamn neematoads again…I had to look out for number one.

So, I jumped in the room and didn’t even make it to the item box before hearing Rebecca’s final moments in the form of a blood-curdling scream. Goddamnit.

I was honestly surprised that the game would let me let her die, and so gruesomely. Investigating her body yielded only a “……….” from poor Chris. Sigh. Bad ending, here I come. And, score another interesting surprise from the fifteen year-old horror game.

Anyway, I did some other stuff after that…found a basement laboratory (mercifully filled with zombies rather than the green dudes), an elevator battery and a big Magnum (!) which I have yet to use. Saving it for a special occasion. Then I made my way back to the courtyard and into some sort of catacombs or something. I stopped right at the entrance, having been greeted by a flamethrower that, when taken, activates a lock on the door I’d just come through. A rather ominous moment, and, I decided, a good place to stop for the night.

This session has taught me that, as cautious as I try to be, there’s always the possibility that I’ll overlook something in my preparations. Pack too light and take your precocious-but-useful partner for granted and she might end up as mutant food. And I might end up with a heavy heart going into the home stretch. 😦


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