Oh, hey America

And lo, Reggie parted the heavens, and his glory appeared–Xenoblade is coming to America courtesy of Nintendo and…GameStop? Well, whatever. You can preorder from the big N directly. WHICH YOU MUST, RIGHT NOW ON THE 19TH.

And hey, universe, as long as ridiculous wishes are getting fulfilled, here’s some other shit that could totally happen, if you felt like it:

1. Shenmue 3
2. Half-Life Episode 3
3. Silent Hill team reunites and makes a new one
4. Full-fledged, real Pokemon RPG for Wii U
5. SWERY wins the lottery and makes whatever he wants for the rest of his life
6. And, oh yeah, Last Story and Pandora’s Tower


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  1. Ji-L87 says:

    I would put “SEGA getting their shit together and bringing out the Dreamcast 2” on that list as well, just…you know, while we have this opportunity and all.

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