Animal Crossing, Fools. GET SOME.

It’s no secret–I love me some Animal Crossing. The promise of a new town, the thrill of wandering about and meeting new villagers…and eventually the sad realization that I’m losing interest and visiting less and less, soon to disappear from my ‘burb forever…

But it’s time to start that process all over again! Well, almost. Animal Crossing 3DS isn’t out yet, but it’s coming soon, and here’s a dev diary to pore over in the meantime! Thanks Destructoid.

P.S.: Holy crap! That dude in the stylish yellow polo is legendary Nintendo composer Kazumi Totaka?! Awesome. If you’re not a bad enough dude to watch ten minutes of subdued Japanese people talking about their mellow town sim, at least skip to the last minute and watch him jam some live K.K. Slider shit.


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One Response to Animal Crossing, Fools. GET SOME.

  1. chargedblast says:

    Totaka playing that guitar at the end is the most amazing thing.

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