to buy Japanese-made video games

It’s time to pre-order Xenoblade. That’s the link to do so through Nintendo’s store. You may have already pre-ordered through GameStop, and if so, well done! But why not pre-order again? And this time not from Satan.

But seriously, everyone reading this: I know you have a Wii. We all do. Buy this shit.

If you have ever, EVER once made a crack about how your Wii is ‘collecting dust’ or ‘being used as a paperweight’ or some other such pithyness, YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO BUY THIS GAME. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, though, you were right to make those jokes. Nintendo has been pretty shameful about abandoning the ‘hardcore’ audience on the Wii these last couple of years. That’s why the response to this release needs to be LOUD and CLEAR. WE WANT THESE GAMES. There is no more crucial a message to send to them going into the Wii U’s early days.

Vote with your wallet, people.


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