Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse: There’s a Rumor About the New Xbox Locking Out Used Games

You may have noticed that, despite the title of this blog, I seem to enjoy enough new video games to write positive things about them on a regular basis. I think about it a lot. Over the last couple of months especially, I’ve found myself looking at the name up at the top there (or my mission statement page) and bristling at the negativity of it. My understanding of the industry has matured in the couple of years since I started this, and there are days when I feel like a change to the tone here is warranted.

That change may yet come, but it certainly won’t be today. Read this piece at Wired’s Game|Life if–like me–you need a good renewing of your hatred for the console landscape.

P.S.: Obviously, this is just a rumor right now (and a fairly far-fetched one), but I want to put it out there–here and now–that I will never purchase nor play by choice any console designed with this feature. I know that that doesn’t matter to anyone out there besides me, but I’m just making it a matter of public record. I have a Herzogian steadfastness to keeping my word about shit like this.


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8 Responses to Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse: There’s a Rumor About the New Xbox Locking Out Used Games

  1. chargedblast says:

    What would happen if Level-5 announces that Yasumi Matsuno is making a big budget new IP RPG and it’s Xbox 720 exclusive (assuming this rumored idea actually happens)?

    • chargedblast says:

      I think I’m not buying the new Xbox anyway, new feature or no. Let’s just hope this apocalypse scenario doesn’t happen.

      • Haha, Apocalypse Scenario is right.

        Yeah, man. After buying my PS3, I’ve really come to realize that I made the wrong decision when I got the 360 in 2007 or whatever. It really is a piece, and–Sony’s many shortcomings aside–Microsoft seems have a much less stable, less principled, considerably greedier game division.

        But actually, I didn’t make the wrong decision–Sony made it for me when they priced their goddamn box at 600 dollars. If only they weren’t so dumb sometimes.

  2. killias2 says:

    Out of curisioty, do you also not use Steam/GOG/GamersGate/Origin/PSN/XBLA?

    • Fair question. It varies; I’ve got my reasons for using or ignoring each.

      Steam – No. I never buy new games digitally because I still want an actual physical copy, thank you. I like being able to put things on a shelf, amass a library, etc. and I will never trust having my collection on some server somewhere, just waiting for it to crash and erase my profile with thousands of dollars worth of games on it. Also don’t really trust Valve at this point and don’t want to support them for the stupid direction they’ve been taking their games recently.

      GoG – Fuck YES, I love this site. These are mostly games that I absolutely cannot find, purchase or run on my computer easily, and they are some of my favorite old school PC games from childhood. The site is well designed, the games are cheap and the selection is great.

      GamersGate – Don’t know what this one is.

      Origin – Haha, no. EA’s fantastical experiments in hubris do not deserve my money.

      PSN/XBLA – Sure, if I can’t get the game anywhere else, or I want to support a specific game or developer. (For example, if Shenmue 1 and 2 actually do come out on XBLA, I will definitely get them, despite the fact that I already have them on disc)

      • killias2 says:

        I have largely similar views, except I’ve got no real problems with Valve/Steam. I guess I just tend to think the used game stuff is overblown. The PC market has basically already moved on from used games, at least in the U.S. But that’s just my opinion.

        GamersGate was originally Paradox’s digital store (guys who made Europa Universalis and Crusader kings; also published Mount and Blade and Lead and Gold). They distribute games with EXE files like GoG, but not all of their content is DRM-less. There is no “GamersGate” DRM, but some of the EXE files come with DRM of their own.

        They have badass sales though, especially for anyone who likes more obscure strategy games and RPGs. There’s also a bunch of indie games that are only available through there. Check it out sometime.

  3. Mike Butler says:

    I agree with djsharpcheddar. Digital Distribution leaves your “ownership” as a grey area.

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