SEGA’s Mascot Sonic the Hedgehog’s Most Excellent and Ultimate Sega Genesis Game Collection Compilation

It kind of is, though.


So, I’ve been playing this lately, and it’s really great!

For some reason, old school compilations like this have escaped me until now. Well, that’s not entirely true. I own Sonic Mega Collection and Mega Man Anniversary Collection for Gamecube, but other than that I never bought any of the hundred million of these things that came out for the PS2. Are they all as good as this? I doubt it.

First of all, the selection of games in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection is both enormous and comprehensive. You’ve got:

– Every single Sonic related Genesis game (seven total)
– All three Golden Axe games
– All three Streets of Rage games(!)
– All four Phantasy Star games(!!)
– The three Shining games
– Both Vectormans (Vectormen?)
– Both Eccos
– And THIRTY-TWO other ones, including classics like Ristar, Decap Attack, Dynamite Headdy and Shinobi

Forty-nine total games, yo. That’s a lot for $29.99. Oh wait, that’s what it cost originally. Now it’s about $15 on Amazon with free shipping. So $0.30 a game.

At that price, just the games would be enough, obviously, but there’s a lot of TLC in this package, too. The menus are slick and easy to navigate. There’s snarky little descriptions and fun facts about each game, clearly written by a knowledgable fan with a sense of humor about the whole thing. And these write-ups accompanied by hi-res, viewable scans of the box art, which is cool. The games themselves can be played in widescreen and there’s even an optional smoothing effect you can turn on if you’re a idiot and want the sprite art to be completely ruined for you. Save states too, for WEAKLINGS. (like me 😐 )

One of the best parts about the package, though, is how they implemented the achivements/trophies.  Maybe my expectations were set a little low, but I was pretty surprised at how varied and fun to get they were. They range from simple (Complete Mission 2 in E-SWAT) to more involved (Play Streets of Rage with all three characters) to murderously difficult (Beat Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine). So basically, you’ll stumble upon a good deal just screwing around with the various games, but there’s a number of them that you’ll have to actively try for. It’s a good balance, and that’s key, because the game’s extras are tied directly to the achievements. Once, uh…achieved, most will also unlock a developer interview or another playable Sega title, including Master System and coin-op arcade games. Oh, and they were clearly named by that same guy who wrote the funny game summaries. Very rewarding.

So, if you’re interested in any of these games or the Sega Genesis in general, please buy this. It’s got a ton of classic gameplay, it’s an absolutely outstanding value (especially now) and it was obviously made with a lot of love. What other game of this generation can you say all that about?


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One Response to SEGA’s Mascot Sonic the Hedgehog’s Most Excellent and Ultimate Sega Genesis Game Collection Compilation

  1. Jerod says:

    If I had either system, I’d buy this as soon as I could. If I do purchase one of them, you can bet this game will be one of (if not the) first I get for it.
    I have the Mega Man and Sonic collections on the Gamecube, along with the Namco Museum and Mega Man X collections. They’re some of the best purchases I’ve made! I love it when a company offers up these bundled titles. It’s convenient and provides the younger generation of gamers an inexpensive means of experiencing many of the reasons why the industry became so popular in the first place.

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