Been a While!

So, I’ve been dragging my feet with this blog for so long now that my Top 50 Favorites are actually a tad out of date. Without taking the time to actually think about it too hard, I’m guessing there are at least five games I’ve played in the three and a half years(!!!) since I made the list that would qualify for it.

Which puts me in a weird spot, kind of.  I feel like trying to start to begin to think about making a go of writing some entries again, but do I soldier on with the old list until I finish it, and then add the new arrivals in at the end as an addendum? Or should I figure out where they would place on the list now (an involved and scientific process which I won’t share with you) and then place them as they come up? Hmm.

Maybe I should just try fucking writing something here and worry about stupid logistics later.

Oh, and I should still change the name of the blog, too. Sounds stupider every time I see it. I dunno. Thoughts? Anyone read this anymore?


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3 Responses to Been a While!

  1. Jerod says:

    Makes more sense than the title of my blog, though it doesn’t seem to really matter what the name is if the entries are interesting, and it hasn’t been too long (IMO, at least). I went a little over five years without typing up something, and a friend of mine didn’t even realize it until I actually said something in one of the posts that dated the content, so I’m assuming most don’t pay attention unless you’re trying to be topical. Welcome back, by the way.

  2. manolis13ak says:

    Yeah still having the bookmark 😉 keep posting 🙂

  3. Yagha says:

    I check on this blog every now and then, have been doing so for almost 2 years now.

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