What I’m Playing Right Now

Just a quick update. I feel like I should write something here.

– I actually wasn’t kidding about playing the second Phantasmagoria. I’m an hour or so in and, while it’s still a long way from a good adventure game, I can truthfully say it is miles better than the first one. I haven’t been able to work up the gumption to put any honest time into it yet, though. I’m sure I’ll get a bug up my butt one of these nights and plow through almost the whole thing in one sitting.

– I just finished Burnout Paradise for PS3. Well, finished as in ‘saw the credits’. Actually finishing that thing, as anyone who’s played it knows, would take about 100 hours. Not sure what to say about this one–it’s kind of weird! A lot of fun and a ton of content, but there are strange design quirks that make it pretty annoying to play at times. At its best, it’s some of the most fun I’ve had driving a car in a video game. But it can be immensely frustrating, too–sometimes almost simultaneously. It’s definitely a game that you need to be pretty GOOD at to get anything at all out of it, and I’m only middling. I don’t regret getting it or anything, though. I’ll probably come back to it here and there to (try to) unlock more cars.

– I also beat Picross e for the 3DS. This one I did actually finish–all 150 puzzles or whatever. I love me some Picross! Bring on e2 and e3!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies just came out. If you know me, you know this basically amounts to the Second Coming. My spirits are only about 10% dampened by there being no physical release. Such a sadness–but I’m soldiering on. I’ve beaten the first case and it’s all coming back to me…

– I also played some Jak 2 on the Jak and Daxter Collection last night. Last year, I 100%ed the original Jak and Daxter on it, and then started the sequel only to quit in frustrated bewilderment. I played about an hour and a half last night and beat the part I was stuck on before, but quickly found myself in some kind of apocalyptically bad hoverboarding minigame. From what I can tell, it is required to continue the game. They plunk you down in this skate park and clumsily teach you all these button combinations for tricks like it’s Tony Fucking Hawk all of the sudden. Fuck this game. I do not understand why TONS of people seem to swear by it. It’s one of those weird divisive games that people think is either the absolute best or the worst in the series–no inbetween position. That probably owes to how different it is from the other two. Personally, I haven’t enjoyed a goddamn second of it. Part of me me wants to skip straight to Jak 3, part of me wants to just write off the whole collection, but none of me wants to play this stupid game anymore. I don’t think I’ll be coming back to it again.

I think that’s it for now. Stay tuned!


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One Response to What I’m Playing Right Now

  1. chargedblast says:

    I’m pretty sure the hoverboarding is where I stopped in Jak 2. If I remember right, it was disastrous

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