This Summer: The Kacho Has Never Been More On

Sometimes I really wish I lived in Japan.


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3 Responses to ABUNAI

  1. PurpleHaze says:

    After pouring thru E3 and CES videos of the 90s I have come to realize what made that era of video gaming special was not just technology transitions but there was not such a huge age gap in video gaming.

    There were games for everyone at that time.

    Today’s gaming is either geared towards mature audience with the *F* word and tons of blood *Call of Duty* *Doom* and other hack n slash series that is not necessary and actually ruins the effects of the scenery. Or the other choice is 5 year old party style games or games made for that audience core in mind such as the Kinect games or Animal Droppings I mean Animal Crossing.

    Animal Crossing and Mario are now games that most people who play it are 6 year olds since the games refuse to transition anymore with the player though if you are older and play it that’s okay BUT it’s not something you would want to brag about to your friends or you soon won’t have any unless you have friends in that age group it’s geared towards.

    If you are older Nintendo fans you will remember that Mario actually GREW UP with the audience not the ohter way around! Such as the transition from Super Mario 3 to Super Mario World which added hidden exits on half of the levels where there are two ways out. The normal route where you cut thru the tape and then a secret route you find a key and take it to a giant key hole that opens up and you plot a new course on the overworld map. My favorite secret was the *Special* world that after a minute of playing the song a remix of Super Mario Bros them appears.

    Super Mario 3 was the first NES Mario to feature an overworld map you walk around on to go to the next level despite it still being liner the addition of the *Toad* house and airshop level where you fight each Koopa kid was interesting.

    Search on YouTube for Super Mario World Bonus World music.

    Then it leaped to Yoshi Island which offered bonus mini games to find in each level using the same *key* concept and you’d collect some kind of flower things if you want to up your score and finally *gasp* NO TIMER!!!!!!!. Other then if you lose Baby Mario you are free to take your time and actually explore every hidden path. Fun times!

    After that Mario transitioned to the 3D sandbox world in Mario 64 which I don’t see why so many people had trouble with it because I enjoyed that title. The camera could’ve been done better which is an easy fix now a days.

    Super Mario Galaxy is actually a step backwards though Nintendo hyped it up which fooled people easy enough until the gimmick called the Wii came up which sadly was NOT an optional unit to the Game Cube.

    Nintendo has ALWAYS had some sort of gimmic like the Gryo Mate for the NES or the Game Boy Printer but none of those were ever forced into the machine nor made gameplay awkward at best.

    That is why the Wii was a short fad. The shortages were actually planned by Nintendo to make it seem sales were going good when in reality the other systems stole the spotlight. Nintendo has made shortages happen in the past on purpose whenever they think that a system isn’t going to sell as well in order to generate hype since the N64 era.

    The other systems never had shortages despite more people playing them.

  2. PurpleHaze says:

    I honestly don’t know why Nintendo gave up on the 3D Adventure concept because with a few fixes that kind of game can be really grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

    Even Donkey Kong 64 would be fun again with a better camera system and a *fast* travel option because due to trying different characters there is never truly a shortage of stuff to do.

    Rareware and Midway is what kept Nintendo going in the SNES and N64 days outside of first party games.

    The N64 and Gamecube had good multiplayer aspects.

    I always played Rush and Cruisn with my friends on the N64. I have all the San Fransisco Rush series on the N64. I wonder why Rush 2 Extreme Racing never had an arcade counterpart?

    Rush 1 was FIRST on the arcade only which had an interesting green cab look. All the Cruisn games which made it to the N64 were first on the arcades which was more superior then the game machine.

  3. PurpleHaze says:

    Wind Waker HD had the right idea with using the fast sail option and removing the Triforce Quest hunt.

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