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  1. Charles says:

    Hey I really loved your dead space article…I saw the commercial a few days back and i’ve been doing some research on this ad campaign, which is completely bullshit; using the fact that your mom doesn’t like it–completely against the grain of whatever morality is left in the world.

    Anyway I’ll like to use your blog as a primary source and write up an article on my site, let me know if you’re ok with that or not.


  2. Jeremy says:

    Hi there,

    I stumbled across your website after some questionable amount of Googling Minecraft pictures and texture packs and so on. I have to say, I’m really damn impressed with the amount of research and linkage to other reports that you make in your posts, and you’re constantly presented as well-informed and pissed off at one thing or another; that I can’t stop laughing when you start swearing at corporate monkeys, etc. I totally agree with you too on the Dead Space ad campaign amongst other things. I noticed that you also listed Halo amongst others as part of that swirling vortex of bull**** in your first post; & am just wondering what it lacks that makes you hate it.

    I’m intrigued by your top 50 games; since you’re not a generic teen who lists every lame purchase they’ve ever made. I dunno if I missed it, but I’d like to see the list and know whats coming (and also know if Morrowind is in there perchance).

    I’ll be watching your site for future posts; I find them very entertaining, informative, and agreeable. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s awesome.


    • Jeremy says:

      And before I get called a moron; “Hey read the ‘My 50 Favourites'”…
      By “I’d like to see the list”; I mean the full list. If you’re revealing them at the rate you’re reviewing them so far. That’s 5 per year; then that’s 9 more years. I sure as hell aren’t going to be hanging around that long to find out what you’re fave game is. Keen to know though.

      • Thanks for all of the compliments, Jeremy.

        As far as Halo goes, my time with the games is admittedly limited, but I just thought they were fairly mediocre when I played them. I’m more offended by the marketing, culture and complete proliferation and saturation of the games more than the games, themselves, I guess. Maybe that’s not fair. Just sick of hearing about how great they are, especially when games like Half-Life 2 exist.

        As for my Top 50, you may have noticed that your kind comments and curiosity have spurred me to finally write another one! I need a little push with these sort of things sometimes, and I think I’m going to do my best to adopt a one a week schedule. Please feel free to hold me to that, and debase me utterly if (when) I slip.

        Sadly, Morrowind is not one of the 50, as I have never played it. I like the idea, but I played the slightest bit of Oblivion and a good deal of Fallout 3 and wasn’t particularly thrilled by either. I’ve heard that Morrowind is vastly superior to both, though, so hopefully I’ll get around to it soon.

        Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  3. Charles says:

    Love the posts. I’ve been reading for the last hour+

    I too stumbled upon this site via Minecraft searches (and read the according post). I’ve been personally comparing it to the heaps of garbage games that come out these days and wonder how we’ve gotten so far away from what games used to be. In many ways Minecraft brings me back to my my long hours of afterschool Harvestmoon 64. It’s brought me that wonderful simple joy of gaming. I’ve even recruited some close friends and we’ve got ourselves a server running.

    You’ve got a great collection of posts going here. You better keep it up, I’ll be checking back. Thanks for the laughs and self-head-nods of agreement to your writing.

    [ a final note, I wonder if kids these days will grow up and look back on this current generation of games and remember when games: “used to be good”? (I doubt it?) ]

  4. Mikael says:

    Please update more. I agree with you on the fact that you are talking about an absolutely real phenomenon… it’s not only ruining videogames and stagnating it’s development as a meaningful and communicative art form (which it truly COULD potentially be). It’s corrupting humankind culturally and morally in general. Then again, maybe it’s always been like this?

    Anyhow, please try to keep this site alive and your readers (like me) active. You’re doing a great job.

  5. Sergio says:

    I gotta say, I love your blog, and I hope that you keep it up. Someone has to speak up regarding what the mainstream game industry has become, and is devolving to become.

  6. sean dion says:

    hey man i love this blog start posting more often
    i agree with all of your posts and we need more people like you to speak out against the generic crap were being spoonfed by the industry

  7. sean dion says:

    man im starting to hate modern games more and more
    just look at this years lineup it’s even worse than last years

  8. Codey Cross says:


    I am right behind you with the lack of good modern video games. Games are my life and with shitty games, well that just means a shitty life XD. Due to this, I am actually enrolled at the Art Institute at Schaumburg for video game design. My entire goal for this career choice is so I can’t Google that video games suck and find a thousand things so quickly. I want to bring back the originality and simplicity of the classic games, but incorporate today’s technology to enhance everything. Plus, I’m all about the art work, and I want to experiment with all sorts of different looks including 8-bit. Anyways, why I am bugging you is because I am writing a paper about this exact topic and I found your site to be better than most other sites I came across. I plan on referencing your work here a few times throughout my paper and would like to know what you want as a name for the citation. I looked and can’t find your name on here, and I am not a fan of gmail so I just asked you on here. I hope you get back to me and I look forward to reading more posts.

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