My 50 Favorites

The ongoing project of writing up little love letters to my 50 favorite games of all time. Click on the game titles to read more!

50. Ristar – Sonic Team’s undervalued 16-bit gem.

49. Serious Sam – Might as well be called Whoop-Ass: The Game.

48. StarCraft – A little-known, underrated late ’90s RTS.

47. Sonic & Knuckles – The best of the four main Sonic games. Deal with it.

46. Gunstar Heroes – Treasure makes Contra, except fun.

45. Command and Conquer – Peace through power!


43. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – …and some other, less special coins.

42. ????????????? ?????? – 1. Build Go-Karts 2. Win Game

41. ????? ????? ??? – Is that a ladder in your pocket or are you just…oh. It’s a ladder.

4o. ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ?????? – Playing it turned me into a man of low moral fiber.

39. ?????? ?????? ?????????? – Possums, pigs, and…Russian folk music?


7 Responses to My 50 Favorites

  1. I dig the new layout and the hints. I hope we don’t have to wait too long to see #40.

  2. Matty says:

    I hope you plan on having “Super Metroid” close to #1.

  3. Karnöffel says:

    I expect to see Splatterhouse and Super Castlevania IV on this list. Don’t disappoint me.

  4. DaGerryMan says:

    i hope halo makes an appearance on this list.don’t disappoint me

  5. Rustlemyjimmies says:

    Better see some Valve titles

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