American McGee’s Laughable Bullshit


I’m sorry. Are you fucking kidding? American McGee’s LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD?

If I had sat down and tried to come up with an American McGee parody game, I don’t think I could have even APPROACHED the dearth of creativity necessary to produce a Red Riding Hood God of War clone. Wow.


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One Response to American McGee’s Laughable Bullshit

  1. Why does this jackass still have a job? And he comes up with this shit, small wonder. What’s next, Goldilocks and the Playstation 3 bears? Holy shit, he’s seriously probably thinking of just that. American Mcdouchebag. Ya know, if Uwe boll was to direct a movie based on an American Mcfuckerfrace game, the world would split in two.

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